5 tips to convince your boss when you want to follow a course

Everyone wants to develop themselves as a professional. Within organizations, training budgets are often available for employees to use. However, the question is how do you convince the budget holder and / or your manager to spend a part of this budget on your education. We collected tips to give you solid arguments so that you can follow the training you want.

1. Show that you become more productive by following a program

Preferably, as an employer, you want an ambitious employee who wants to learn more and want to get even more out of his or her job. Organizations are almost always focused on maximizing revenue, profit and return on investment (ROI). Research indicates that employees only provide ROI if they are motivated and grow within the organization. These conditions are met when following a course. So use the argument that your development helps the organization because it further increases your motivation. Productive employees are ultimately what every manager wants.

2. Establish learning goals that are in line with the organizational goals

Study your job description well and show what skills you can now and possibly in a future job. Because you put this link on, your supervisor does not have to do this and this can be just a push in your mind, which allows you to follow the course.

Put all the important points that your education needs to meet in a row. Ask yourself what you want to achieve with the program and what the learning goals are. Take the organizational goals as a guideline. This makes it clear that you contribute by following a program, course or training.

3. Show that you become multidisciplinary by following a course

Bear in mind that your development helps the organization to make changes. You will simply be more flexible and better deployable. The better your employability, the easier an organization can give you a different place during a reorganization or reorientation.

4. Own Time

Many employers hide behind the argument that a training results in production loss. You are absent so the employer assumes that your work is quiet. Provide that change of environment will give you new incentives. By following a program you can solve the daily problems with a fresh mind.

It is important to know how much time you want to invest in a program. You can then indicate this to your employer. As a result, your employer will see you motivated and willing to invest in yourself.

5. Know how the system works.

Find out how training budgets are regulated within your organization. It is a well-known fact that not all organizations are meeting their training budget. As a result, there is often a lot of budget available in Q3 and Q4.

Make sure you know what rules apply to following training within your organization. See if the training of your choice complies with the rules that apply within the organization. As a result, you are well prepared during the training interview with your manager.

admin5 tips to convince your boss when you want to follow a course