Does Business Intelligence have a future?

The Big Data and Analytics playing field is subject to rapid development. Terms like 4th industrial revolution, big data and machine learning are part of everyday life. Do you ever think: “Is there any place for Business Intelligence in this world, or is this outdated technology?”

Everything and everyone

Organizations have to deal with a flood of data. More and more, we are seeing professionals feeling hungry for more data. Earlier, only IT and business analysts used data. Today, the diversity of professionals who use data has grown a lot. This is due to the fact that a large number of different officials have access to Business Intelligence systems, but also because there are many new users. For example, consider the relatively new function ‘data scientist’.

Not only does the number of users increase, but also the number of data sources increases. As a result, a strong BI platform is needed that is scalable and manageable.

Do it yourself, but smarter

Self service is the new trend in the world of Business Intelligence. There is a clear shift where employees increasingly want to figure things out with data by themselves and do not want to wait for the IT or Business Intelligence department. This shows that too much self service quickly causes uncontrollable data chaos.

Old acquaintances and new faces

The purpose of Business Intelligence is to inform users in organizations (and beyond) so that they can make better decisions.

Old acquaintances such as directory reports and sales dashboards that have existed for years and are extremely important to organizations are still being used. Thanks to developments in the Business Intelligence field, new features are added, such as storytelling and new visualizations. Through the combination of old acquaintances and new opportunities, Business Intelligence continues with time, and remains a vital tool for many organizations.


We started this blog with the question of whether there is any future for BI. The answer to that is of course YES . Business Intelligence is and remains indispensable in the information architecture for organizations, a statement that will continue to be true for quite some time.

adminDoes Business Intelligence have a future?